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What is sublimation printing

The sublimation printing of our textiles is a process that very quickly became essential in the dressing of sporting events.

By definition, sublimation represents the direct passage of a body from the solid state to the gaseous state without going through the liquid state. Sublimation inks are perfectly odorless aqueous (water-based) inks, without solvents or hazardous products.

This is the printing process that is most respectful of the environment and people’s health for quality supports that are perfectly suited to indoor use for all these reasons in particular.

Printing on wide and grand format fabric, for what use?

We print all the formats you want and provide fixing systems or hooks perfectly adapted to the characteristics of your places and locations.

Printing on large format fabric will allow you to dress your walls with or without the help of an aluminum SEG profile for a stretched printed fabric for example, in hanging SEG fabric for an exceptional decoration of your stands, stadium facades, back of goals for soccer, to dress up your reception areas, your fan shop, photocalls, stand background, banner, step n repeat, SEG blockout etc.

Printing on polyester fabric, an irreproachable quality advertising medium!

Large format canvas printing appears to be the obvious solution for all your event dressing and decoration projects requiring large format printing with excellent definition. The advantages of printed textiles are the image rendering, the weight of the fabric, the resistance of the inks, the ease of handling (installation/uninstallation), the price!

Product features:

100% polyester fabric

Sublimation printing

Exceptional Picture quality

Double-sided printing possible

All formats are possible

Washable wrinkle free

If you have an event project tradeshow project, stadium project, office project, do not hesitate to contact us for a quick and free study of your needs. Our graphic studio is also at your disposal to assist you in the realization of your graphic designs.