Custom printed banners, posters, signs, canvas prints, printed digital wallcoverings, vinyl prints

20180626_125355 Our grand format printers produce high-quality and vibrant prints — nothing less. We print on various materials including banners, pole banners, permanent and removable vinyl for wallpaper use, digital wallcoverings, backlit for lightboxes, canvas for paintings, poster paper, transparent vinyl, mesh banner and many others. Our printers are green where inks are eco-friendly.

Banners are good to promote brands or to be displayed at events. Mesh banners are used mainly for fences or large buildings. Scrim banners are used for almost anything and come in different thicknesses. A most common banner is the 13oz because of it’s cost effectiveness. 18oz pole banners are used for light poles at ball parks, stadiums and arenas or cities.

Wallpaper and digital wallcoverings come in different types of textures. Interior designers love digital wallcoverings because of the versatility and the on demand prints. Each room can have a different design since minimums are not required.

Our grand format printers can print on materials up to 10 feet wide.

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