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Backlit duratrans and SEG fabric prints and displays DFW airport in Dallas TX


We received a project from another country wanting some duratrans backlit prints. Duratrans has been known for years but has slowly went away. With all the different backlit films out there and new ink technology, it has replaced the duratrans. The most common material though is the backlit fabric SEG. [...]

Step and repeat banners Dallas TX.


We’ve printed many step and repeat banners for many customers. A lot of them need them RUSH within 24 hrs and we, for the most part, make it happen. We have a few options, the pop up step and repeat banner stand in 8 feet and 10 feet. That comes [...]

Trade show banners and the replacement for retractable banner stands including dye sublimation fabric in Dallas TX: POMA Snap magnet stand


Trade show banners are getting more and more popular. some need backdrop walls, pop up walls, retractable banner stands, table covers and throws fully dye sublimated printed. Lately, we’ve a introduced a new banner stand that can go double sided, the POMA magnet stand. It is printed on a blockout [...]

Clear acrylic digital substrate printing with white ink for a museum in Dallas TX


Positive Marketing USA in Dallas TX had the opportunity to print on their new machine with white ink onto clear acrylic substrates. Acrylics are 1/8″ 1/4″ and 1/2″ thick typically. You can print an overflood, underflood or sandwich mode. The typical one is the overflood as you want to print [...]

Stadium and Arena printed mesh banners, vinyl prints, turf floor graphics. Dye Sublimation fabric and textile SEG prints, pvc, coroplast and foamboard prints in Dallas Texas


Sports communication Are you a sports club or an organizer preparing for a sporting event? Basketball, football, hockey, rugby, tennis, running, mountain biking, soccer, formula 1 racing, nascar, baseball, highlight your sport and your event to bring together and attract as many people as possible. Make future participants and spectators [...]

Dye Sublimation fabric textile SEG print blockout and backlit in Dallas Fort Worth


What is sublimation printing The sublimation printing of our textiles is a process that very quickly became essential in the dressing of sporting events. By definition, sublimation represents the direct passage of a body from the solid state to the gaseous state without going through the liquid state. Sublimation inks [...]

Custom printed vinyl adhesive Zamboni wrap ice resurfacer Galleria Mall Dallas


We had the opportunity to wrap a Zamboni (ice resurfacer) for a global advertising agency. They wanted to find a way to promote the state of South Dakota in the city of Dallas. The mall rarely wraps their Zamboni but decided to let the agency do it. After doing some [...]

Dye Sublimation Fabric SEG and tradeshow booths, displays, graphics and signs in Dallas. Flags, tablecloths, backdrops, canopy tents, banners.


Dye sublimation fabric is the best way to print graphics for events. 1- easy to fold 2- colors are vibrant and rich 3- high quality feel 4- your booth and walls will look professional We have different fabrics to choose from soft knit fabricblock out fabricbacklit fabricmesh fabricflag fabric

Dye sublimation fabric printed hockey jerseys


We had a project of printing dye sublimation jerseys for the consul general in Dallas. These jerseys were printed and cut in pieces then stitched all together. Each jersey is custom tailored to each individual with their custom names and numbers. Advantages are: 1- Full color prints 2- Quick turnaround [...]

SEG Frames and dye sublimation fabric printing for soft signage to use as backdrop walls at arenas, stadiums, stores and events


We had the opportunity to use SEG frames to use as backdrop background wall to display sponsor brands. We printed this on a soft knit fabric. The advantages were: 1- Easy to insert and remove fabric when needed 2- Easy to setup and dismantle frames 3- Professional look 4- Easy [...]



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