Backlit duratrans and SEG fabric prints and displays DFW airport in Dallas TX


We received a project from another country wanting some duratrans backlit prints. Duratrans has been known for years but has slowly went away. With all the different backlit films out there and new ink technology, it has replaced the duratrans.

The most common material though is the backlit fabric SEG. It fits into an SEG frame and is the most common material used due to its flexibility. You can easily fold and it’s easy to ship. Many retailers have gone this way, trade show exhibitors, event planners, sports stadiums and venues.

The customer was very pleased with the outcome and started ordering other types of products we produce. We also went ahead and installed the whole project here in Dallas TX at DFW airport.

Backlit prints will always be a very popular product especially on the fabric dye sublimation side of things

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