Dye sublimation pillow case tension backdrop fabric

We run many of these pillow case dye sublimated fabrics. This particular one was 20 feet wide. Fits nice a snug with a zipper at the bottom for a tight fit.

There are different types of hardware. Hop up / pop up accordion style backdrops, tension frames, SEG, magnetic, telescopic and more.

We use different types of poly knit blends, especially stretchy fabric. All produced in Dallas Texas and shipped nationwide.

Stadium and arena tarps flags and banners at Comerica Center in Frisco TX

Sled hockey USA needed to add a huge tarp for advertising purposes for their event in Frisco TX. Decided to cover one section of the rink. Printed on dye sublimated poly knit fabric, we printed a huge 50 foot by 30 feet fabric tarp and stretched it beautifully.

We recommended this material for various reasons. Ease of install, beautiful and vibrant graphics and reusable if needed. Fabric is always our go to product.

The event manager was very pleased with the outcome. We also installed some dasherboards and hanging banners for the event.

Zamboni Wrap at the Galleria mall in Dallas TX

We had another zamboni wrap to do but this time it was an Olympia ice resurfacer brand. This was for the Galleria Mall in Dallas TX for Christmas. The end results turned out great.

We printed it on a car wrap material and laminated it then cut. Our install team went out there and wrapped it. This is great for advertising and promotions.

We tend to wrap many Zambonis in the DFW area and select cities in the US. We’ve become the go to people in wrapping zambonis.

Step n repeat sponsored pop up backdrop walls for events, exhibits and tradeshows in Dallas TX

We created and printed these 8 foot pop up walls for the Dallas Mavericks sponsored by UT Southwestern. These types of walls are great for events and gatherings or even to take pictures in front of it. We dye sublimated the fabric onto our calendar press, we then cut it on our robotic cutting machine and finally the last step was to stitch the perimeters with Velcro so that it can adhere to the pop up wall.

The pop up wall is accordion style and collapses easily and placed into a traveling case. You can easily transport it to different locations.

Now that events are back in full swing, now is a good time to invest in these types of backdrop walls. Once you have it, you can keep re-ordering fabrics.

Dasherboard vinyl print and install for hockey rinks and arenas

We help out on a lot of dasherboard installs throughout the city of DFW. We print on a removable vinyl, all sorts of sponsors, and then go and install on the dasherboards.

This is a great way for advertisers to promote their brand. At American Airlines center, it’s all about crunch time and how fast we can install within a specific time frame. These vinyl prints tend to last maybe a month. Some rinks leave them for 6 months before they go ahead and change them to fresh ones. We use latex technology eco friendly inks for color vibrancy.

Dye sublimation fabric SEG blockout print for stadiums, arenas and locker rooms

We printed multiple SEG dye sub blockout fabric prints. Customer wanted something opaque. This is a great way to advertise your brand using a material that does not let the light to go through

Dye sublimation fabric is produced here in Dallas TX. The transfer paper we use presses onto the white blockout fabric and ink transfers from the paper to the fabric using a gasing technology. Once transferred you can easy wash iron etc… even fold and ready to ship. Great for tradeshows for the medical industry, aviation, car, robototics, gaming…

Dye Sublimation metal prints Brushed Aluminum

We printed these metal / aluminum panels for an ice skating rink in Euless TX. This is a nice way to display the information in a museum style quality that will last for years.

Brushed aluminum, white gloss, white matte, hardboard, table tops are all substrates we used to print. These are then milled with a CNC and stand offs are used to hang them on a wall.

This vs direct print on a flat bed, colors are much more vibrant and scratch free. There is almost no comparison.

Race car go kart printed vehicle wraps Dallas TX

We wrapped these small mini bicycle go karts that are used during intermission break at NHL hockey games. The karts are sponsored by different companies like Toyota.

Like actual vehicles, they are wrapped almost the same way. Lots of small little areas that need special attention.

These mini vehicle wraps are great for promotions. We use a special car vinyl then laminate them, heat apply onto the go kart and it’s all set, ready to race

Custom printed 6 foot and 8 foot table cover table throw fitted table cover and table cover stretch in Dallas Texas

We print a lot of table covers, especially table throws, 6 foot 4 sided and 8 foot 4 sided. Our most popular one is the 6 foot 4 sided custom printed table throw. We get calls last minute for dye sublimated table covers and we can turn them around quite fast.

Some other clients like the stretch covers to give it a clean look with no wrinkles and some others go for the fitted look to make it look professional.

Custom printed dye sublimation table covers are great for tradeshows, events, schools, sporting venues, retail stores, arenas, restaurants and more

Vehicle and car wrap – Ford E transit cargo van – Dallas TX

We wrapped a van using an Avery car wrap kit material using our latex technology to print. This particular wrap involved wrapping the roof of the van. Everything came out flawless.

Colors are vibrant, advertisement on wheels is what a car wrap job is all about. Great to promote your business and products and services.

We wrap all sorts of motor vehicles including buses, zambonis, camper vans, trucks, trash bins, concrete columns, cargo vans, mini vans. We design, print, then install. All done in one location in Dallas TX. Victor E. Green is ready to rock and roll!

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