Aluminum and metal dye sublimation prints Dallas TX

Dye sublimation is known for 100% polyester application prints. Positive Marketing USA and our sister company, has taken the liberty to print on metals. These prints are of really high end quality and exceptional colors that dazzle the eyes.

Artists and photographers love metal dye sublimation printing. All is produced in Dallas TX. We use sublimation transfer paper and transfer onto the metal with our large format flat press machines. Once pressed we put a hanger on the back and make it float on the wall.

We have brushed aluminum, white gloss, matte white for different looks. We can also mill to size and shape, giving it a unique look.

Check out our sister company and order some online

Laser cutting and etching on wood Dallas TX

We had the opportunity to laser cut wood provided by a customer. Laser cutting and etching gives it a very elegant and vintage look. Makes a great sign or gift for someone.

There’s also the option to laser cut acrylic numbers and letters for reception signs, apartment complex doors, hotel doors and more.

You can use different speeds and power depending on thickness of material. We can typically cut up to 1/2″ thick and must make sure material is straight.

Glass is another option, etching on glass for windows or glasses

Large format dye sublimation printing onto fabrics including backdrops and SEG in Dallas TX

Dye sublimation is a digital printing technology that uses heat transfer to apply an image to the intended substrate. Also referred to as digital sublimation, the process is commonly used for decorating apparel, signs and banners as well as other items with sublimation-friendly surfaces including metal.

We use it for signs and banners. We just did a large tradeshow booth for capital one. They were very impressed with the end result. Dye sublimation printing on tension fabric for their walls with a zipper at the bottom, double sided. We also did many pvc prints (sintra) 1/8″ with our new latex technology with white ink R series from HP. The prints looked very crisp.

We always highly recommend dye sublimation large format printing for tradeshows because of the ease of shipping fabric, dynamic color, and just looking really good. We get same day rush jobs, or next day and we try and accommodate as much as we can.

Curved backdrop stands and hardware were utilized for the convention in Dallas TX. We do provide hardware for displays as well.

Tradeshow exhibit booths, step n repeat banners and banner stands for shows in Dallas TX

We print backdrop stands for many companies, tradeshow exhibit dye sublimated fabric prints including blockout (black back) fabric with stitched velcro or gasket / silicone edge.

We sell SEG hardware frames, pillow case and tension fabric style backdrop frames, pop up frames, retractable stands and much more.

We provide these printed graphics for many tradeshow exhibit houses and companies that need help promoting their products through displays and printed graphics.

We also print on PVC and acrylic substrates for these booths. The quick turns is what the customer is looking for. Customers are from all over the US and Canada wanting their goods done here locally for convenience or shipped to their destination whether it be in Las Vegas, Orlando, Chicago, San Diego or anywhere else.

Window graphic and glass perforated vinyl prints and clings in Frisco TX

We printed perforated vinyl prints for windows and glass for an event coming up at Comerica Center in Frisco TX. Perforated vinyl prints are great to promote upcoming events. You can see from inside out but from outside in you cannot see which is great for privacy and light coming inside the building.

These are good for promoting sporting event including the NBA, NCAA, NHL, NFL, MLB, MLS, F1, NASCAR and many more events.

We print these perforated vinyl prints at a max of 60″ wide by however long and then we install them on the windows / glasses whether 10 feet high or 100.

Backlit duratrans and SEG fabric prints and displays DFW airport in Dallas TX

We received a project from another country wanting some duratrans backlit prints. Duratrans has been known for years but has slowly went away. With all the different backlit films out there and new ink technology, it has replaced the duratrans.

The most common material though is the backlit fabric SEG. It fits into an SEG frame and is the most common material used due to its flexibility. You can easily fold and it’s easy to ship. Many retailers have gone this way, trade show exhibitors, event planners, sports stadiums and venues.

The customer was very pleased with the outcome and started ordering other types of products we produce. We also went ahead and installed the whole project here in Dallas TX at DFW airport.

Backlit prints will always be a very popular product especially on the fabric dye sublimation side of things

Step and repeat banners Dallas TX.

We’ve printed many step and repeat banners for many customers. A lot of them need them RUSH within 24 hrs and we, for the most part, make it happen.

We have a few options, the pop up step and repeat banner stand in 8 feet and 10 feet. That comes with a case for travelling. Next we have the pillow case style step and repeat stand, also called the tension back drop banner stand, in 3 feet, 8 feet and 10 feet. Those are printed single sided or even double sided. The setup is really easy and takes a few minutes. Finally we have the pipe and drape banner stand for a more economical option. That one is adjustable from 8 to 10 feet.

We also do custom sizing where we can put 2 frames side by side and make one giant wall. We also have the option to make a custom frame that’s 20 feet 30 feet 40 feet … long

Step and repeat banner stands are good for events, tradeshows, sporting events, banks, retail store openings, birthdays, bar mitzvas, quinceanera, graduations.

All of our step and repeats banners are printed on fabric. We use a dye sublimation technology where colors are really vibrant and you can easily fold with no wrinkles.

Step and repeat banners are all made in Dallas TX and shipped nationwide and in Canada.

Trade show banners and the replacement for retractable banner stands including dye sublimation fabric in Dallas TX: POMA Snap magnet stand

Trade show banners are getting more and more popular. some need backdrop walls, pop up walls, retractable banner stands, table covers and throws fully dye sublimated printed.

Lately, we’ve a introduced a new banner stand that can go double sided, the POMA magnet stand. It is printed on a blockout fabric with metal strips at the top and bottom. Simply click the top and bottom to the stand and that’s it, it snaps into place. It is a great invention and product.

Customer are loving the simplicity of it, few minute setup, the fact you can easily change creatives and prints at any time. Retractable banner stands are becoming more of a headache to change. The poma snap solves that problem.

With currently plenty in stock and made in North America, this is the go to banner stand for trade show, sporting, and day to day events.

Clear acrylic digital substrate printing with white ink for a museum in Dallas TX

Positive Marketing USA in Dallas TX had the opportunity to print on their new machine with white ink onto clear acrylic substrates. Acrylics are 1/8″ 1/4″ and 1/2″ thick typically. You can print an overflood, underflood or sandwich mode. The typical one is the overflood as you want to print on the 2nd surface of the material.

This type of printing is also substituting the duratrans print material. With this we can print on acrylic or clear film with white ink. Also great for reception signs for office buildings, hospitals, businesses, retail stores.

This type of white ink digital printing is also used on clear vinyl and optically clear vinyl, mainly installed on doors and windows. Printing method would be an overflood to be stuck from the inside and an underflood to be stuck on the outside. We can also cut to shape to any size.

This digital white ink printing is utilized in situations where white is needed. We can even print white on black pvc materials or colored materials.

Once we print white ink on clear acrylic we can also het bend it without cracking the ink. This is a very big advantage as the final product will look very clean.

Stadium and Arena printed mesh banners, vinyl prints, turf floor graphics. Dye Sublimation fabric and textile SEG prints, pvc, coroplast and foamboard prints in Dallas Texas

Sports communication Are you a sports club or an organizer preparing for a sporting event? Basketball, football, hockey, rugby, tennis, running, mountain biking, soccer, formula 1 racing, nascar, baseball, highlight your sport and your event to bring together and attract as many people as possible. Make future participants and spectators want to attend this match, this tournament, this race or this hike. Display this event indoors and outdoors on banners, dye sublimation fabric, posters or signs available in several sizes and several materials. Use a communication support template pre-designed by our graphic designers with a colorful and imagery design to facilitate the creation of your communication or you can use your own. Arenas and stadiums need to be able to speak to its customers. The use of signs is huge. Dye sublimation large format fabrics are very popular these days. Easy to install, easy to fold, easy to store. Custom die cut prints on foamboard, gatorboard or pvc is also another way to communicate to customers. Custom standee prints are a great to capture ones eye. We use coroplast for those with a corrugated easel on the back. We also use foamboard or gatorboard. Very lightweight and great ink adhesion for long lasting prints. Dye sublimation fabric and textile SEG is also really great in terms of colors. For sporting events, remember to contact us and we will be able to help you with your visual communication needs. All produced in Dallas TX.

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