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Positive Marketing USA in Dallas TX had the opportunity to print on their new machine with white ink onto clear acrylic substrates. Acrylics are 1/8″ 1/4″ and 1/2″ thick typically. You can print an overflood, underflood or sandwich mode. The typical one is the overflood as you want to print on the 2nd surface of the material.

This type of printing is also substituting the duratrans print material. With this we can print on acrylic or clear film with white ink. Also great for reception signs for office buildings, hospitals, businesses, retail stores.

This type of white ink digital printing is also used on clear vinyl and optically clear vinyl, mainly installed on doors and windows. Printing method would be an overflood to be stuck from the inside and an underflood to be stuck on the outside. We can also cut to shape to any size.

This digital white ink printing is utilized in situations where white is needed. We can even print white on black pvc materials or colored materials.

Once we print white ink on clear acrylic we can also het bend it without cracking the ink. This is a very big advantage as the final product will look very clean.