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Positive Marketing takes pride in providing high-quality, durable, and visually appealing signage solutions for a variety of events. Recently, the print shop had the pleasure of producing a charming Coroplast cutout for a kids’ event. Coroplast, a corrugated plastic material, is an excellent choice for event signage due to its lightweight, weather-resistant, and robust nature. Its versatility makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor events, ensuring that vibrant and colorful graphics remain intact throughout the event’s duration.

The production process for this project began with the artwork being meticulously designed and prepared for printing. Using state-of-the-art printing technology, Positive Marketing printed the vibrant design onto a 4mm Coroplast sheet. Ensuring the colors are vivid and long-lasting. Once the design was printed, the next step was to cut the Coroplast into the desired shape. This process was carried out using a precision cutter, which allowed for clean and accurate cuts, perfectly matching the outlines of the artwork.

After the cutting phase, the team moved on to preparing the easel that would support the Coroplast cutout. They crafted a sturdy cardboard easel, designed to be both lightweight and supportive, ensuring the cutout would stand firmly during the event. The easel was carefully attached to the back of the Coroplast cutout using strong adhesive and additional securing measures to guarantee stability. Finally, the cutout was packaged with care, protecting the edges and the printed surface to ensure it arrived at the event in pristine condition.

Coroplast continues to prove itself as an outstanding material for event signage, especially for occasions requiring durable and eye-catching displays. Its resistance to the elements, combined with its lightweight and easy-to-handle nature, makes it a favorite among event organizers. Whether for one-time events or recurring uses, Coroplast cutouts are a cost-effective and reliable solution, ensuring that the message is conveyed effectively and beautifully every time. Positive Marketing is thrilled to see their Coroplast creations bring joy and engagement to events, making every occasion a memorable one.