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We had the opportunity to print large banners for an arena to cover the spectator seats. These banners were printed via dye sublimation fabric. The advantage of dye sublimation fabric is the following:

  • easy to manipulate before and after each game
  • can easily fold and unfold
  • can stretch to take all wrinkles away
  • colors are really vibrant because of the printing process
  • washable if needed

Seat coverings are great to promote brands and generate more income because of lack of ticket sales. Sponsorship seat covering for sports clubs are also a great way to make it look professional on TV instead of staring at empty seats.

Dye sublimation fabric for seat coverings is a great choice overall. Although we have the capabilities of printing on standard banner or even mesh banners if need be.

Our automated process and employees is what made us come on top and deliver on time in a short period of time.