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(Pictured above is a demonstration of our Pop Up Stand made of fabric which can be washed and folded with no damage to the print. This dye sublimation fabric also has 2 inch velcro to attach to the pop up stand making the process of changing out graphics super simple. Perfect for any event, occasion or show! You can also see how effortless the stand itself is to put away, making events hassle-free!)

Dye Sublimation carries an abundance of benefits in the printing world than traditional printing has to offer. Dye Sublimation is the process in which ink is heated to transfer dye onto materials such fabric, metal, cards and plastic. It is considered to make the transition between the solid and gas states without going through a liquid stage and embedding the ink into the material rather than being printed among the surface itself. Heat Pressing is one of the great ways we are able to get reach high vibrancy in printing that is long lasting and super durable guaranteed to not bleed, scratch, crack or fade over time.

(Picture below is an example of dye sublimation onto white aluminum 0.040 with 1/16th rounded corners, a piece of beautiful photographic work we were able to heat press to gain that vibrant sheen and crisp look.)