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Positive Marketing has once again showcased its prowess in vinyl wrapping with a stunning project featuring an Olympia ice resurfacer at the Galleria Mall in Dallas, TX. The magic behind this transformation lies in the use of Avery 1105 vinyl paired with the protective touch of overlaminate 1360Z.

The choice of Avery 1105 is a testament to its reputation for durability and flexibility, making it an ideal canvas for intricate designs and vibrant prints. The HP latex printers employed by Positive Marketing delivered outstanding results, ensuring that every detail of the design came to life with precision and clarity.

Adding an extra layer of protection and longevity, the 1360Z overlaminate serves as a shield against the elements. This includes UV rays, abrasions, and other environmental factors that the resurfacer may encounter in its active role on the ice.

What makes this project truly distinctive is the canvas itself – an Olympia ice resurfacer, commonly known as a Zamboni. These machines are iconic symbols of ice rinks and winter sports, and Positive Marketing has turned this functional vehicle into a mobile work of art.

The installation of this eye-catching Zamboni wrap took place at the heart of Dallas’s shopping and entertainment scene – the Galleria Mall. Nestled in a high-traffic area, the Olympia ice resurfacer is bound to capture the attention of shoppers and ice-skating enthusiasts alike.

Positive Marketing’s ability to turn a utilitarian vehicle into a visually striking masterpiece is a testament to their creativity and expertise in the world of vinyl wraps. The Galleria Mall Zamboni is not just a functional machine; it’s a rolling piece of art that adds a touch of excitement and flair to the ice rink experience.

In the world of marketing, where first impressions matter, Positive Marketing’s Zamboni wrap at Galleria Mall stands out as a testament to the power of creative design and high-quality materials.