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Dallas, Texas, is not only a hub for innovation and creativity but also a place where businesses like Positive Marketing thrive by showcasing their exceptional services. In an exciting collaboration with Good Year, Positive Marketing has taken center stage by designing and producing a remarkable cover sleeve for a Good Year barrel to be featured at a prominent football event at the Cotton Bowl.

The production phase was a testament to Positive Marketing’s commitment to excellence. Their state-of-the-art printing technologies and dedication to precision ensured that every detail of the design was flawlessly translated onto the cover sleeve. The result was a high-quality, durable sleeve that would withstand the bustling atmosphere of the event.

What makes our Barrel Cover Sleeve stand out is its stretch quality and customizable design. At Positive Marketing, we understand the importance of branding and individuality. Therefore, our sleeves can be personalized with logos, branding elements, or any specific information required. This customization not only ensures brand consistency but also serves as an additional marketing tool for companies, enhancing their visibility wherever the products are transported or stored.

Our team of skilled professionals at Positive Marketing has worked closely with Good Year to understand their unique requirements and preferences. Through collaborative efforts and extensive research, we’ve developed a product that aligns perfectly with Good Year’s standards of excellence.