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Positive Marketing recently had the privilege of creating a 10-foot pop-up display for the Fenty x Puma collaboration, showcasing their latest product. The event required a display that captured the edgy, stylish essence of both brands, with vibrant graphics featuring bold colors and dynamic poses of the product. The team at Positive Marketing began by meticulously printing high-resolution graphics onto durable fabric, ensuring each detail was reproduced with precision and vibrancy.

Next, the skilled team carefully cut the fabric to fit the 10-foot frame and expertly sewed Velcro along the edge of the fabric, creating a durable and professional finish. The assembly process involved constructing a robust yet lightweight frame and stretching the fabric over it to create a smooth, wrinkle-free surface. This attention to detail ensured that the final display was sharp, colorful, and eye-catching from every angle.

The completed pop-up display was a central attraction at the Fenty x Puma event, standing tall and vibrant. The high-quality print and flawless assembly captured the dynamic essence of the collaboration, drawing attendees in and leaving a lasting impression. This successful project highlighted Positive Marketing’s commitment to quality and expertise in creating impactful displays.

Positive Marketing is the go-to choice for event marketing solutions. From design to final assembly, the team ensures every step meets the highest standards. Whether for product launches or trade shows, they deliver outstanding results that help brands shine.