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Positive Marketing, a leading print shop renowned for its expertise in wide format printing, recently embarked on an extraordinary project: producing a large fabric print for a large custom aluminum frame. This exceptional print featured the Charles Schwab Challenge logo set against a captivating red plaid pattern.

The journey began with material selection, opting for high-quality blockout fabric to ensure vibrant colors and exceptional durability. Blockout fabric was chosen for its ability to prevent light from passing through, ensuring maximum opacity and vividness of the printed design. Utilizing their state-of-the-art wide format printers, including their new fast-printing printer known for producing the best colors, Positive Marketing rendered every detail with utmost precision.

However, the true marvel unfolded during the assembly phase, as the fabric print seamlessly integrated into the custom Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) display. Unlike standard frames, this one stood out with its substantial dimensions, commanding attention and significantly enhancing the visual impact. The outcome was a mesmerizing display that surpassed mere promotional intent, evolving into a statement piece that exquisitely showcased the client’s brand identity. From corporate events to retail spaces, Positive Marketing continues to redefine excellence in wide format printing, exemplified through each meticulously executed project.