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This week, we’re thrilled to share a story that perfectly encapsulates the essence of giving back and community support. We crafted a custom coroplast sign, complete with a unique cut and an added easel to support the cause of the Credit Union of Texas Charitable Foundation.

This foundation is a beacon of hope in our community, dedicated to making positive and lasting impacts on the lives of Texans. Through various initiatives, they provide resources, education, and support to uplift individuals and families, embodying the spirit of collective growth and empowerment.

We knew we were contributing to a cause greater than ourselves. The precision of the custom cut and the vibrancy of the print were a testament to our commitment to excellence, reflecting the prestige of the Lexus brand and the vision of the Credit Union of Texas Charitable Foundation.

Through this collaboration, we experienced firsthand the extraordinary impact of print and design. Our coroplast creation didn’t just convey information; it became a catalyst for anticipation, forging connections and discussions about the exhilarating Lexus Vehicle Raffle organized by the Credit Union of Texas Charitable Foundation.

we take immense pride in being part of such meaningful projects. From the intricate coroplast sign to the meticulous custom cut and addition of the easel, each element spoke to our dedication to making a positive difference. We’re honored to contribute to causes that align with our values and underscore the potential for positive change when communities unite