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As we all know things have changed quite a bit the last few months. We came up with a hand sanitizing station, where people can swap out graphics whenever they want. Great for advertising or even sponsorships. The hand sanitizing station has graphics on both sides. Hand sanitizing dispensers come with a 1 liter hand sanitizing gel. It can be refilled by simply removing the cap and refilling with bulk gel. You can put one on each side or on one side of the hand sanitizing station. Very sturdy and an upscale look. Great for sports stadiums, car dealerships, schools, grocery stores, retail stores and more.
This hand sanitizing station is manufactured in Dallas Texas. The graphics that is inserted inside the hand sanitizing station frame, is printed on fabric. You can fold the print and reinsert a new fabric print at any time. Compared to other hand sanitizing stations, this one is great because of the ad space you have. The hand sanitizing dispensers come off very easily. Once removed, you can change your fabric prints and snap the dispensers back on.

Check out the video: