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We had the opportunity to partake in a new construction project for a brewery headquartered in North Texas. There were a lot of walls to cover with large format graphics. This included die-cut letters, printed wall murals and wall coverings. Digital printed wall coverings and wall murals give the pop everyone needs so that your walls do not look boring. We install these printed wall murals locally and nationally. Attempting to install digital printed wallcoverings is a possibility but letting the pros handle it would be a much wiser decision.

Printed wall murals have different types of textures. The most popular one is the smooth matte finish but there is also luster and gloss finishes. Digital wall coverings on the other hand have a lot more textures. We tend the use the Dreamscape digital wallcovering line up. Anything from the Mystical to the Suede.
digital wallcoverings tend to be a little tricky to install. You need wallcovering install experts to install. Also, to protect wall murals, a laminate would be recommended for high traffic areas. For the digital wallcoverings, and liquid coating is recommended.
as far as images and colors goes, it is endless. We can work out the design or you can send the artwork to us and we’ll print it from there.

We also assisted in the design part of the project and bringing everything to life. The whole project was a success!