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Hello music lovers!

We’re excited to share a recent project that’s all about bringing the magic of live music to life. This time, we had the privilege of creating posters and coroplast signs for a series of one-night-only concerts featuring the amazing bands Smashing Pumpkins, Counting Crows, Kidz Bop Kids, Pentatonix, and 3 Doors Down. Join us as we delve into the details of this concert promotion journey.

With concerts set to light up the stages at the Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory and Dos Equis Pavilion, we were tasked to bring the promotional materials to life, ensuring that they convey the excitement and energy of the performances.

The urgency of the project was met with dedication on our end. We understand that timing is crucial in event promotions, so we worked diligently to ensure that the printed posters and coroplast signs were ready on time. Despite the time constraints, our commitment to quality remained unwavering.

Our role was to ensure that the printing process captured the essence of the event. The gradient of blue to orange to yellow, the black and white text, and the imagery of a wave and a drink were all elements that we meticulously brought to life through our printing expertise.

As the posters and signs were printed and prepared for distribution, we understood the importance of every detail. Each piece contributes to the overall message, inviting concertgoers to immerse themselves in an evening of music and entertainment.