Custom printed vinyl adhesive Zamboni wrap ice resurfacer Galleria Mall Dallas

We had the opportunity to wrap a Zamboni (ice resurfacer) for a global advertising agency. They wanted to find a way to promote the state of South Dakota in the city of Dallas. The mall rarely wraps their Zamboni but decided to let the agency do it. After doing some research and seeing the volume of Zamboni wraps we have done, they decided to let our company print and install the Zamboni. We had to take all measurements, to a mock up, print, laminate and install. The end result turned out great.

Dye Sublimation Fabric SEG and tradeshow booths, displays, graphics and signs in Dallas. Flags, tablecloths, backdrops, canopy tents, banners.

Dye sublimation fabric is the best way to print graphics for events.

1- easy to fold

2- colors are vibrant and rich

3- high quality feel

4- your booth and walls will look professional

We have different fabrics to choose from

  • soft knit fabric
  • block out fabric
  • backlit fabric
  • mesh fabric
  • flag fabric

Dye sublimation fabric printed hockey jerseys

We had a project of printing dye sublimation jerseys for the consul general in Dallas. These jerseys were printed and cut in pieces then stitched all together. Each jersey is custom tailored to each individual with their custom names and numbers.

Advantages are:

1- Full color prints

2- Quick turnaround time

3- No minimums

4- High quality print and product

We service the Dallas area and surroundings and all of Texas. We are known for our dye sublimation on soft knit and stretch fabric capabilities.

SEG Frames and dye sublimation fabric printing for soft signage to use as backdrop walls at arenas, stadiums, stores and events

We had the opportunity to use SEG frames to use as backdrop background wall to display sponsor brands. We printed this on a soft knit fabric. The advantages were:

1- Easy to insert and remove fabric when needed

2- Easy to setup and dismantle frames

3- Professional look

4- Easy to transport and store

Dye sublimation fabric printing has always been a great way to print signs due to it’s color vibrancy and flexibility of folding the fabric signs.

Custom printed tarps, banners and dye sublimation fabrics for stadium and arena seat covers

We had the opportunity to print large banners for an arena to cover the spectator seats. These banners were printed via dye sublimation fabric. The advantage of dye sublimation fabric is the following:

  • easy to manipulate before and after each game
  • can easily fold and unfold
  • can stretch to take all wrinkles away
  • colors are really vibrant because of the printing process
  • washable if needed

Seat coverings are great to promote brands and generate more income because of lack of ticket sales. Sponsorship seat covering for sports clubs are also a great way to make it look professional on TV instead of staring at empty seats.

Dye sublimation fabric for seat coverings is a great choice overall. Although we have the capabilities of printing on standard banner or even mesh banners if need be.

Our automated process and employees is what made us come on top and deliver on time in a short period of time.

Floor decals / graphics

Nowadays, I’m sure you’ve been seeing a lot of floor decals. We’ve been printing a lot of these in different sizes and shapes. From 12″ x 12″ to other custom sizing.

Floor decals are great to convey messages whether it’s temporary or permanent. For retail stores, churches, events, outdoor spaces, stadiums, schools, gyms, offices.

Floor decals come in different types of grades and quality. We are able to die-cut to any shape, small or really large quantities.

2D and 3D displays

Here are some images of custom printed 2D and 3D foamboard displays we did. These custom printed displays were printed directly onto the foamboard. Once foamboards are printed we then cut them to shape, pack and ship. Custom printed foamboard displays are used in the retail world. Very easy to setup. These displays were distributed throughout the state of Texas. from Dallas Cowboys helmets, to Coors light helmets and Green Egg smokers

Sneeze guards and partitions

So lately we’ve had customers ask us not only to put up some sneeze guards and partitions inside their offices but to decorate them. This particular project was printed on a kind of frosted vinyl and applied onto the acrylic. We printed triangles to give it a nice design. Other options we are offering is printing directly onto the acrylic so that it’s crystal clear. So it really depends on what the customer wants and the look they want to have. We do install these partitions in the Dallas area and anywhere in the US.

Laser engraving, cutting and etching onto wood

This was another laser engraving and cutting project we did onto a very nice cake platter. We engraved the letters onto this cherry wood giving it a very nice burnt look. This engraving and etching process can work virtually on any type of wood as long as it’s flat. You can laser engrave and cut on virtually any soft substrate. This laser engraving process makes really nice corporate gifts as well as personal gifts.
We laser engrave and cut all in Dallas Texas. We use multiple machines that laser engrave and cut acrylic, wood, leather and more Here’s a video of the etching process,

Check out some samples onto our laser engraving page

Hand Sanitizing Station

As we all know things have changed quite a bit the last few months. We came up with a hand sanitizing station, where people can swap out graphics whenever they want. Great for advertising or even sponsorships. The hand sanitizing station has graphics on both sides. Hand sanitizing dispensers come with a 1 liter hand sanitizing gel. It can be refilled by simply removing the cap and refilling with bulk gel. You can put one on each side or on one side of the hand sanitizing station. Very sturdy and an upscale look. Great for sports stadiums, car dealerships, schools, grocery stores, retail stores and more.
This hand sanitizing station is manufactured in Dallas Texas. The graphics that is inserted inside the hand sanitizing station frame, is printed on fabric. You can fold the print and reinsert a new fabric print at any time. Compared to other hand sanitizing stations, this one is great because of the ad space you have. The hand sanitizing dispensers come off very easily. Once removed, you can change your fabric prints and snap the dispensers back on. Check out the video


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