Sneeze guards and partitions

So lately we’ve had customers ask us not only to put up some sneeze guards and partitions inside their offices but to decorate them. This particular project was printed on a kind of frosted vinyl and applied onto the acrylic. We printed triangles to give it a nice design. Other options we are offering is printing directly onto the acrylic so that it’s crystal clear. So it really depends on what the customer wants and the look they want to have. We do install these partitions in the Dallas area and anywhere in the US.

Laser engraving and etching onto wood

This was another project we did onto a very nice cake platter. We engraved the letters onto this cherry wood giving it a very nice burnt look. This etching process can work virtually on any type of wood as long as it’s flat. Here’s a video of the etching process,

Check out some samples onto our laser engraving page

Hand Sanitizing Station

As we all know things have changed quite a bit the last few months. We came up with a stand, where people can swap out graphics whenever they want. Great for advertising or even sponsorships. The stand has graphics on both sides. Dispensers come with a 1 liter hand sanitizing gel. You can put one on each side or on one side. Very sturdy and an upscale look. Great for sports stadiums, car dealerships, schools, grocery stores, retail stores and more. Check out the video

Custom dye sublimated flags

We had the opportunity in donating custom printed flags for Parkland Hospital in Dallas. This was for a parade for front line responders. Thank you for giving Positive Marketing a chance in cheering up the Dallas community and partaking in the parade. We print all types of flags and fabrics for various companies in the United States and Canada. Our dye sublimation process creates vibrant colors and are washable.

Custom styrene prints

We did this project for a customer for the make a wish foundation. These were printed directly onto our flatbed machine, double sided. We then take the sheets and die-cut them into a shape of a star. We virtually can cut any shape at any quantity, whether 1 or 10000.

Custom printed face masks

We’ve seen a lot of change in this world for the last few weeks. We’ve shifted a little in printing custom printed face masks for the public. These masks are one size fits all and are inexpensive. Colors are vibrant and washable. Hoping things get better for all of us! Stay healthy!

Wall mural project

We had the opportunity to partake in a new construction project for a brewery headquartered in North Texas. There were a lot of walls to cover with large format graphics. This included die-cut letters, printed wall murals and wall coverings. We also assisted in the design part and bringing everything to life. The whole project was a success!

Custom printed canvas gallery wrapped

We had the opportunity in custom printing canvases for one of our customers. It was a large order with different designs and each canvas was stretched onto stretcher bars with a clip on the back to hang. We then had to package these canvases individually and created custom boxes for shipping purposes.

Custom printed 1/2″ corrugated aluminum sign

We printed 1/2″ corrugated aluminum sign and had to die-cut it. We placed handles on the back to hold it standing up. This was for PETCO at a hockey intermission where contestants had to shoot the puck inside that small hole.

Custom printed and wrapped Zambonis

We had an opportunity to custom wrap many zambonis for the American Airlines Center in Dallas TX and in different rinks throughout the DFW area. We had to unwrap the old graphics that was installed previously and install the fresh new ones. We printed these on a special vinyl material with an overlaminate to protect the graphics. Wrapping all these Zambonis were challenging but we love challenges! The end results were great. Some of the sponsors were Toyota, Intellicentrics, and Volkswagen.


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