Transforming Spaces: Perforated Vinyl Graphics for Dynamic Brand Representation

Welcome to Positive Marketing’s latest venture into the realm of vinyl window graphics! Today, the company delves into the exciting process of producing and installing a perforated vinyl graphic featuring none other than the Frisco Fighters, the pride of Texas football.

Firstly, let’s discuss perforated vinyl and why it stands out as the perfect choice for this project. Imagine this scenario: a desire to showcase a favorite team or promote a brand on a storefront window while maintaining visibility from the inside. Enter perforated vinyl, a specialized material enabling one-way visibility. This means that from the outside, the graphic appears vibrant and attention-grabbing, while from the inside, visibility remains clear without obstruction.

Moving on to the production process, Positive Marketing, situated in the heart of Dallas, Texas, prides itself on attention to detail and a dedication to quality. The journey commenced by closely collaborating with the Frisco Fighters to ensure an accurate and dynamic representation of their brand. Employing cutting-edge printing technology, the design was expertly printed onto the perforated vinyl, ensuring vivid colors and sharp details. The material’s durability and weather resistance render it ideal for outdoor usage – a perfect fit for showcasing team pride through rain or shine!

Now, onto the installation process – arguably the most thrilling segment! Positive Marketing’s team of adept installers meticulously applied the vinyl graphic to the storefront window. With precision and expertise, they ensured every corner was smooth and every detail aligned flawlessly. In no time, the Frisco Fighters sprung to life in breathtaking detail, poised to captivate the attention of passersby and fans alike.

Whether one is a devoted sports enthusiast, a small business proprietor, or falls anywhere in between, the impact of a vinyl window graphic cannot be overstated. With the right design and material, any space can be transformed into a vibrant showcase of creativity and expression. And for those in need of expert printing services in Dallas, Positive Marketing remains the go-to choice!

From Pixels to Precision: Positive Marketing’s 6 Foot Lifesize Cutout Takes Center Stage in Dallas, Texas

From retail stores and trade shows to events and promotional campaigns, cutout displays offer versatility in their application, effectively conveying messages and creating memorable brand experiences. Their ability to command attention in various settings makes them an invaluable asset for marketers looking to leave a lasting impression on their target audience. In this blog, we’ll take you through the fascinating process of producing a 6-foot life-size cutout starting from the computer screen to the final creation.

The first step into bringing the digital creation into the physical world was to have our graphics team scale the artwork to meet life-size measurements. The 6-foot height posed a logistical challenge as it was too large for the material, but with creativity and precision, the design was split in half to fit onto the coroplast material. This strategic decision allowed for an easier printing process without compromising the integrity of the original concept. The two pieces were carefully aligned and welded, creating a strong bond that ensured the final cutout would stand tall and proud.

To enhance the practicality of the life-size cutout, an easel was incorporated into the design. The easel, attached securely to the back of the cutout, provided the necessary support for the structure to stand upright. This additional feature not only contributed to the cutout’s stability but also made it easy to display in various settings.

Positive Marketing goes beyond traditional advertising – it’s about creating memorable experiences that resonate with audiences. The journey from a digital concept on a computer screen to a 6-foot life-size cutout is a testament to the power of creativity and positive messaging. So, the next time you encounter a life-size cutout, remember the positive journey that brought it to life!

Stepping into Success: HOKA’s Vibrant Journey with Positive Marketing in Dallas

Welcome to the world of Positive Marketing, where creativity meets precision. With top-notch tools and a skill set that dance seamlessly between innovation and expertise, Positive Marketing is your go-to partner for turning ideas into visual masterpieces. Their collaboration with HOKA, featuring the creation of vibrant mesh banners for a truss arch, is just a snapshot of the incredible projects this dynamic print shop can bring to life.

At the heart of this collaboration is the production of mesh banners designed to be displayed on a truss arch. This eye-catching display is set to make a lasting impression at various events. Positive Marketing takes pride in its state-of-the-art printers, which played a pivotal role in bringing HOKA’s vision to life. The wide format printing capabilities allowed for intricate detailing, vibrant colors, and a level of precision that ensures the final product is nothing short of spectacular.

The meticulous process of creating these banners involved more than just printing. Positive Marketing’s attention to detail is evident in the careful post-printing steps taken to ensure a polished and durable final product. After printing, the banners were expertly cut, and the edges meticulously webbed to prevent fraying. Grommets, strategically placed along the edges, serve a dual purpose – reinforcing the banners and providing attachment points for the next step in the installation process.

The collaboration between Positive Marketing and HOKA is a testament to the power of positive marketing – a concept that goes beyond traditional advertising and focuses on creating visually stunning, impactful displays that resonate with the audience. The mesh banners not only elevate HOKA’s brand presence but also exemplify the dedication to quality and innovation that defines Positive Marketing. From state-of-the-art printers to meticulous post-printing processes, Positive Marketing is armed with the tools and know how to elevate brands and events to new heights.

Beyond the Court with Positive Marketing and the Dallas Mavericks

Positive Marketing, based in Dallas Texas, is renowned for its top-notch printing services tailored to the diverse needs of businesses and organizations. One notable project that showcases their commitment to excellence is the production of a retractable banner for the Dallas Mavericks.

The retractable banner serves as a powerful marketing tool for the basketball team, effectively promoting their brand with a visually appealing design that incorporates both team identity and sponsor recognition. One standout feature of Positive Marketing’s retractable banner is its compact size, making it an ideal companion for the Dallas Mavericks on the go. Whether the team is participating in away games, events, or promotional activities, the retractable banner’s portability ensures that the brand can be showcased with ease, no matter the location.

The retractable banner’s user-friendly design allows for quick and hassle-free setup. Its convenience is invaluable during time-sensitive events, ensuring that the Dallas Mavericks can make a strong visual impact without the need for elaborate preparations. Positive Marketing’s commitment to user-friendly solutions aligns perfectly with the demands of a dynamic sports environment. Whether at press conferences, fan interactions, or community events, the banner provides a branded backdrop for capturing memorable moments.

The banner’s fusion of design, portability, and advertising prowess highlights Positive Marketing’s ability to elevate brands and contribute to the visual impact of iconic organizations like the Dallas Mavericks.

Crafting History: Positive Marketing’s Acrylic Plaque Adorns Comerica Center in Frisco, Texas

When it comes to sports, unforgettable moments deserve to be etched in history. Positive Marketing recently took center stage with their extraordinary creation—a stunning acrylic plaque commemorating players and iconic moments from NHL All-Star Game. Crafted with precision and passion, this unique plaque now graces the walls of the Comerica Center in Frisco, Texas.

The choice of acrylic as the primary material ensures a sleek and modern look, while the intricate details are brought to life with the use of advanced printing techniques. The process of creating this masterpiece involved the utilization of cutting-edge printers. Positive Marketing employed white ink behind the text, creating a stunning contrast that adds depth and prominence to the commemorative plaque. The precise application of white ink enhanced the clarity and legibility of the text, ensuring that every player’s name and accomplishment is showcased with the attention it deserves.

As Positive Marketing continues to redefine the landscape of print and design, their acrylic plaque for the NHL All-Stars stands as a shining example of positive marketing in action—promoting not only a brand but also the values and moments that make sports a timeless source of inspiration.

Innovation at its Best: Outstanding Sleeve Design for Good Year Barrel Takes Center Stage in Dallas

Dallas, Texas, is not only a hub for innovation and creativity but also a place where businesses like Positive Marketing thrive by showcasing their exceptional services. In an exciting collaboration with Good Year, Positive Marketing has taken center stage by designing and producing a remarkable cover sleeve for a Good Year barrel to be featured at a prominent football event at the Cotton Bowl.

The production phase was a testament to Positive Marketing’s commitment to excellence. Their state-of-the-art printing technologies and dedication to precision ensured that every detail of the design was flawlessly translated onto the cover sleeve. The result was a high-quality, durable sleeve that would withstand the bustling atmosphere of the event.

What makes our Barrel Cover Sleeve stand out is its stretch quality and customizable design. At Positive Marketing, we understand the importance of branding and individuality. Therefore, our sleeves can be personalized with logos, branding elements, or any specific information required. This customization not only ensures brand consistency but also serves as an additional marketing tool for companies, enhancing their visibility wherever the products are transported or stored.

Our team of skilled professionals at Positive Marketing has worked closely with Good Year to understand their unique requirements and preferences. Through collaborative efforts and extensive research, we’ve developed a product that aligns perfectly with Good Year’s standards of excellence.

Positive Marketing USA enhances Grapevine TX Outdoor Rink with vibrant printed vinyl Dasherboards

Grapevine, TX – In a remarkable collaboration with the city of Grapevine, Positive Marketing USA has brought a burst of creativity to the local outdoor rink. The project involved the printing and installation of innovative dasherboards, using adhesive vinyl and latex inks, transforming the rink into a visual spectacle for both residents and visitors alike.

Positive Marketing USA, known for its commitment to delivering impactful marketing solutions, took on the challenge to enhance the aesthetics of the Grapevine outdoor rink. The company’s expertise in design and printing proved to be a perfect match for this community-focused initiative.

The dasherboards, featuring vibrant colors and engaging designs, now encircle the rink, creating a lively atmosphere that complements the joy of winter sports. From sleek corporate branding to playful winter motifs, the dasherboards showcase the versatility of Positive Marketing USA’s capabilities.

Greg D., VP of Positive Marketing USA, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, stating, “We believe in the power of positive experiences, and what better way to spread positivity than by transforming a community space into a visual masterpiece. The dasherboards not only serve a functional purpose but also add an element of excitement to the entire outdoor rink.”

Local residents and visitors have already begun to express their appreciation for the revamped outdoor space. Families, in particular, are drawn to the vibrant dasherboards, which provide a picturesque backdrop for memorable moments on the ice.

The installation of the dasherboards aligns with Positive Marketing USA’s broader commitment to community engagement and enhancing public spaces. As winter settles in, the Grapevine outdoor rink stands as a testament to the positive impact that thoughtful design and creativity can have on a community.

Positive Marketing USA invites everyone to visit the outdoor rink in Grapevine, TX, to experience the transformed space firsthand. The company looks forward to continuing its mission of bringing positivity and innovation to communities across the nation.

For more information about Positive Marketing USA and its projects, visit

Gliding Art on Ice: Positive Marketing’s Zamboni Wrap at Galleria Mall, Dallas, TX

Positive Marketing has once again showcased its prowess in vinyl wrapping with a stunning project featuring an Olympia ice resurfacer at the Galleria Mall in Dallas, TX. The magic behind this transformation lies in the use of Avery 1105 vinyl paired with the protective touch of overlaminate 1360Z.

The choice of Avery 1105 is a testament to its reputation for durability and flexibility, making it an ideal canvas for intricate designs and vibrant prints. The HP latex printers employed by Positive Marketing delivered outstanding results, ensuring that every detail of the design came to life with precision and clarity.

Adding an extra layer of protection and longevity, the 1360Z overlaminate serves as a shield against the elements. This includes UV rays, abrasions, and other environmental factors that the resurfacer may encounter in its active role on the ice.

What makes this project truly distinctive is the canvas itself – an Olympia ice resurfacer, commonly known as a Zamboni. These machines are iconic symbols of ice rinks and winter sports, and Positive Marketing has turned this functional vehicle into a mobile work of art.

The installation of this eye-catching Zamboni wrap took place at the heart of Dallas’s shopping and entertainment scene – the Galleria Mall. Nestled in a high-traffic area, the Olympia ice resurfacer is bound to capture the attention of shoppers and ice-skating enthusiasts alike.

Positive Marketing’s ability to turn a utilitarian vehicle into a visually striking masterpiece is a testament to their creativity and expertise in the world of vinyl wraps. The Galleria Mall Zamboni is not just a functional machine; it’s a rolling piece of art that adds a touch of excitement and flair to the ice rink experience.

In the world of marketing, where first impressions matter, Positive Marketing’s Zamboni wrap at Galleria Mall stands out as a testament to the power of creative design and high-quality materials.

Colorful Adventures in the DFW: Crafting Signs with Super Simple, Pinkfong Baby Shark, and More!

Today, we’re delighted to share a project that’s all about bringing smiles and laughter to little ones. Our recent venture involved creating lively signs featuring beloved kids’ logos, including Super Simple, Pinkfong Baby Shark, and more. These signs promise to be a delightful addition to spaces where laughter and learning reign supreme. Join us as we dive into the colorful world of childhood wonder!

Super Simple: With its whimsical characters and engaging educational content, Super Simple has become a trusted name in early childhood education. Their commitment to making learning fun aligns perfectly with our mission to deliver visuals that captivate young minds.

Pinkfong Baby Shark: Who can resist the infectious joy of Baby Shark? This lovable character has become a global sensation, spreading happiness and laughter to children everywhere. Our collaboration with Pinkfong Baby Shark allowed us to bring this beloved icon to life in a vibrant sign.

The magic began as we meticulously crafted each sign, ensuring that the essence of these beloved logos shone through. The vivid colors and playful characters captured the imagination of children, promising an adventure in every glance.

The signs, ranging from playful displays to informative panels, are designed to create an immersive and interactive environment for young learners. Whether it’s a classroom, play area, or a children’s event, these signs serve as gateways to a world of fun and discovery.

We’re honored to have been a part of this project. Our commitment to delivering top-notch visuals is a reflection of our dedication to enhancing learning environments for children.

As these signs find their homes in spaces where little ones gather, we’re excited to imagine the giggles, wonder, and wide-eyed curiosity they’ll inspire. It’s a testament to the power of visuals in creating an environment that fosters learning through play.

Crafting Distinction in the DFW Metroplex: Coronado Stone Products’ Logo Transformed on Black PVC

Our recent project involved bringing Coronado Stone Products’ logo to life on sleek black PVC sheets. With our HP Latex R1000 Plus printer, we transformed a 4′ by 8′ black PVC sheet into 42 individual pieces, each adorned with the same logo.

Using the remarkable capabilities of our HP Latex R1000 Plus printer we used white ink to bring Coronado Stone Products’ logo to life on black PVC sheets. The result was a striking contrast that emphasized the brand’s emblem with finesse and sophistication.

The 4′ by 8′ black PVC sheet was skillfully transformed into 42 individual pieces, each measuring 5″ by 17″. These individual pieces showcased the same logo, meticulously reproduced to maintain the brand’s integrity across the collection.

To ensure longevity and resilience, an overcoat was added to the white ink. This step was crucial in making the logo scratch-resistant, preserving its visual appeal and quality over time.

We’re proud to have been part of this endeavor. Our commitment to delivering top-tier print solutions is a testament to our dedication to enhancing brand identity and creating visual masterpieces that resonate with audiences.

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